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Tool Kit for Teaching Others About Wheelchair Transportation Safety

The Ride Safe Brochure

Vehicle Safety for People Who Ride in Wheelchairs
When traveling in a motor vehicle, it is generally safer to transfer to a vehicle seat and use the vehicle's occupant safety restraint systems or a child restraint system that complies with federal safety standards. After transferring, stow or secure the wheelchair during travel.

If transferring is NOT possible, or if the rider needs the support of the wheelchair seating system, read the step by step instructions in this brochure. Choose a WC-19-compliant wheelchair, secure it to the vehicle floor and use properly positioned, crash-tested belt restraints to keep the rider in his or her seat.

The Ride Safe brochure information is available here.

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This resource adds video presentations on wheelchair transportation safety to this website.  Windows and Macintosh computer users may view archived video stored on a central website on a webserver located at the U of Pittsburgh.

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