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Tool Box

Tools for Teaching Others about Wheelchair Transportation Safety!

A primary objective of this website is to share information with our stakeholder groups. We have assembled resources that will be useful to you as you teach others. We will continue to add PowerPoint presentations, videos, handouts, brochures, bookmarks and other resources that will help you teach others.

Download: The Wheelchair Crash Test Video

We compiled each of the videos of wheelchair crash testing that are shown on this site (A Look at Wheelchair Crash Testing). We made them into one continuous DVD. Each individual video is labeled and shows either misuse or proper use of wheelchair securement straps, occupant restraints and the contribution of a WC19-compliant wheelchair. As you will see, we now have these videos of the "Sled Test Series on Correct Use and Misuse" in multiple video formats and at several quality levels.

Live Presentations on the Web

This resource adds video presentations on wheelchair transportation safety to this website.  Windows and Macintosh computer users may view archived video stored on a central website on a webserver located at the U of Pittsburgh.

Note: for the following video formats, user may need to download addition software such as Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player or Real Player. Follow the on-screen prompts.

Download PowerPoint Presentations and Handouts

Ride Safe Presentation (English Version) 

Ride Safe Presentation (Spanish Version) 

This is a broad purpose presentation on wheelchair transportation safety that takes about 30-40 minutes to deliver. It covers the issues of 4-point wheelchair securement, 3-point occupant safety restraint, the use of a WC19 compliant wheelchair. It also discusses best practices with a non-WC19 compliant wheelchair. The PowerPoint presentation includes complete notes pages to support the individual delivering this presentation. This is a large file (20.2 MB) due to all the images so downloading it may take some time. Look below to learn how to order brochures or bookmarks to support your presentation.

Ride Safe Handouts:

Print the 3 slides per page Ride Safe handout (8 pages English Version) 
Print the 3 slides per page Ride Safe handout (8 pages Spanish Version)

Print the 6 slides per page Ride Safe handout (4 pages English Version)
Print the 6 slides per page Ride Safe handout (4 pages Spanish Version)

Additional Handouts on Wheelchair Transportation Safety

These handouts are in PDF format which makes them ready to use. They are all less than 600K so they will download quickly. There is also a nice collection of reader-friendly magazine articles located in the Publications section that could serve as handouts.

Best Practices for Using a Wheelchair as a Seat in a Motor Vehicle

How Safe is Your Wheelchair?

Guidelines for Use of Secondary Postural Support Devices by Wheelchair Users During Travel in Motor Vehicles

Why Purchase a Wheelchair that Complies with WC19?

Justifying Funding for WC19 Wheelchairs and Seating

Transportation Review Checklist for School Transportation

Training Resources Produced by Others

Community Transit Association

    PASS (Passenger Safety and Service) - a 3-day Driver Certification Program to ensure that drivers have current expertise in passenger assistance techniques and sensitivity skills appropriate for serving persons with disabilities.

Federal Transit Administration - provides funds for training of bus and paratransit driver. See the Course Listing for descriptions, fees, etc.

NHTSA: Transporting Students with Special Needs - a training module.

National Safety Council - Transporting Passengers with Special Needs: A Coaching Program (TM) -- Instructor Kit

Project Action - a coordinated source of information on conferences, training, and technical assistance sponsored by Easter Seals. Locate frequently asked questions, transit databases and free publications on their website.

Q'Straint - offers downloadable training materials and the option for customize-able training from their national training staff. Q'Straint manufactures wheelchair securement & occupant restraint systems.

Sure-Lok - Watch their training video online and then order it along with their training package to train your drivers and transportation staff. Safe and Secure Video Training Course - a video training format for drivers

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee - School of Continuing Education course entitled: Passenger Assistance: Certification For Trainers. This course is for drivers, trainers and managers who are transporting individuals with disabilities.

Educational Resources developed by the RERC on Wheelchair Transportation Safety.

Request Ride-Safe Brochures

The Ride Safe Brochure is 10"x 22" and is available in printed on glossy paper with 5 folds. It has clear illustrations and images to show the basics of wheelchair transportation safety. It is now available in Spanish too.

To get a copy of the Ride Safe brochure, use one of the following methods:

1.  Link to the PDF of this brochure here and print a color copy for distribution to your audience.

2. Alternative text document for the pdf in both English and Spanish (PDF) (MS Word Doc).

3.  Contact UMTRI and request printed copies, please note that there is a fee for these printed copies. Request can be made via e-mail at, by telephone at 734-764-2171, or by FAX at 734-936-1081.