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What is the current wheelchair transportation safety standard?

Crash-Testing Information for Manufacturers

  • Click here for information on crash testing WTORS, wheelchairs and seating products at UMTRI
  • Or for more information, contact: Nichole Orton at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) or fill out a test request form and receive a quote here.

What can you do to "get the word out" that your product is crash-tested according to a RESNA WTS standard?

  • If your current mobility products are compliant with the standard, let people know! Consumers, parents, therapists, suppliers and transporters are all ready to purchase transit safe products. They want it as a feature in a broad range of mobility and products.
  • Get your RESNA or ISO compliant seating or mobility product listed on this website here! Contact Nichole Orton to put your product on the up-to-date listing of compliant products on this website.
  • Consider this: Distribute the newly updated “Ride Safe” brochure along with owner's manual and warranty information.
    • Glossy brochures can also be requested from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute by telephone at 734-764-2171 or by e-mail:
    • The Ride Safe Brochure is available in a PDF format. It can be downloaded and printed on a color printer for distribution.
    • Refer customers to this website so they will know that you have high regard for safety and best practice in wheelchair manufacture.
  • If your current products are NOT compliant, meet with your design engineers to consider product modification to bring your product line into compliance.
    • Download and read this an information document: Crash testing Products at UMTRI - (315K PDF file)
    • If your current products are crash tested but NOT labeled, be aware that consumers and clinicians will be looking for products that are RESNA compliant. Labeling is part of the standards.

Crash Tested Wheelchairs and Seating Products:

This site contains an up-to-date list of crash tested Wheelchairs, WTORS & Seating Products. Manufacturers can add mobility products that pass crash-testing by e-mailing the manager of this list.

Have technical questions about the standards or the crash testing process? Contact Nichole Orton at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI).