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Project P6

In-Depth Investigations of Motor-Vehicle Crashes and Moving-Vehicle Incidents Involving Passengers and Drivers Seated in Wheelchairs

Task Leader: Lawrence Schneider, PhD

Co-investigators: Kathleen Klinich, PhD, PEJamie Moore (senior crash investigator)

Other Participants: WTORS, wheelchair, and seating manufacturers; van modifiers, public and private transportation providers; wheelchair and seating suppliers and clinicians, other crash investigation programs, the NHTSA


This project addressed the key output of the RERC WTS by

  • obtaining accurate and objective knowledge of the transportation experience by wheelchair users,
  • including vehicle ingress/egress,
  • wheelchair securement,
  • occupant restraint, and
  • injury causation scenarios.

It did this through the conduct of in-depth investigations of crashes or other moving-vehicle incidents involving passengers and drivers seated in wheelchairs to identify the types and causes of injuries. 

This project was a continuation of a crash-investigation program funded by the first RERC on Wheelchair Transportation Safety, and took place over the 5 years of the project.  The project resulted in objective assessments and documentation of injuries and injury causation scenarios for passengers and drivers involved in adverse incidents and crashes while seated in their wheelchairs in different types of private and public vehicle and transportation environments.  This information is needed to guide future R&D and standard-development efforts, and will be used to educate key stakeholders.

Although the RERC funding of the crash-investigation program has ended, UMTRI continues to investigate crashes or other moving-vehicle incidents involving passengers and drivers seated in wheelchairs with funding through the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).  Please refer to the contact information below if you would like to report an incident.

Have you been in a crash while seated in a wheelchair? If so you can help our research.

View these PDF documents to learn more how you can participate in this important study: