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What is the Current Wheelchair Transportation Standard?

  • WC19 harmonizes in large part with the ISO standard (International Standards Organization), ISO 7176-19 on transit safe wheelchairs. You can learn more about the ISO-WG6 taskgroup which developed the international standard for wheelchair transportation safety on the Standards section of this website. To the extent possible American and International standards are identical, however, in this instance there are some differences. The ISO 7176-19 standard can be purchased in the ISO store at:

The Ride Safe Brochure

  • This Ride Safe brochure can be downloaded in PDF format brochure so it can be downloaded and printed on a color printer for distribution to others. 
  • Printed copies of this brochure can also be requested from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute by telephone at 734-764-2171 or by e-mail:

      Safety Tip Sheets

      Safety best practice recommendations are provided for professionals who provide and modify personal vehicles for individuals who will use their wheelchairs as seats in motor vehicles here

      Have technical questions or feedback about the safety tip sheets? Contact Nichole Orton at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI).

      Safe Transportation Presentation

      The PDF below contains slides from a presentation given by Dr. Larry Schneider at a meeting of the midwest chapter of the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED) on March 7, 2015 in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

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      Future Trends: Wheelchair Securement in Large Transit Vehicles

        • Rearward Facing Systems - standards are in development for this system that will allow for independent maneuvering into a rear-facing compartment that will eliminate the need for wheelchair tiedown systems.
        • Automated Docking Systems - a standard has been developed for the geometry of this type of system. The standard will allow wheelchair manufacturers to build a universal bracket into wheelchairs that will allow the use of automated, independently operated, wheelchair docks.

      Successfully Crash-Tested Wheelchairs, Seating Systems, and WTORS

      Link to an up-to-date listing of all successfully crash-tested products along with links to the manufacturer’s homepage and the internal contact person for transportation standards. New models are always being added to this frequently updated page.

      Have questions about WC19? Contact us by e-mail at