How can I help improve transportation safety for wheelchair-seated occupants?

Many manufacturers of wheelchairs, seating systems, and WTORS have actively participated in the development of the standards as well as in testing their products to the standards. This has been a significant financial investment by the manufacturers to improve the transport safety of their products. Since compliance with the standards is voluntary, there are still many products being used in vehicles that have not been tested to the standards. The single most effective way to rectify this problem is for consumers, parents, caregivers, and prescribers to request and purchase only products that have been tested to one or more of the appropriate transport standards. If the product is in compliance, it should be so labeled on the product.

For those interested in becoming more directly involved in the standards development process, you can join e-mail lists or working groups. The standards working groups are always open to manufacturers, researchers, transporters, consumers and clinicians who wish to contribute their experiences and participate in the research, testing, discussions, and debates that move the work forward. For more information on how to become involved:

  1. For the RESNA Committee on Wheelchairs and Transportation (COWHAT) in the USA, contact Miriam Manary, Chair, RESNA COWHAT at mmanary@umich.edu
  2. For International (ISO) Working Group or WG-6, contact the chair, Aleid Hekstra at edpc@handicom.nl