What does the standard say about auxiliary equipment on WC19-compliant wheelchairs, such as trays, oxygen tanks, and other add-on equipment that may be necessary for the particular wheelchair user?

The current version of WC19 does not directly address the design, performance, or securement of auxiliary or add-on equipment and devices. (It does require batteries, motors, and other electrical components that are inherent parts of powered wheelchairs, or any other wheelchair component in excess of 150 g, to remain attached to the wheelchair during the 30-mph frontal crash test.) However, the standard does address wheelchair add-on equipment indirectly by requiring the wheelchair manufacturer to provide warnings in its product literature that alert the consumer to:

  • remove and secure auxiliary equipment separately in the vehicle whenever possible, or at least to
  • secure auxiliary equipment to the wheelchair so that it will not break free and injure other occupants in a crash,
  • use gel cell batteries on powered wheelchairs,
  • and use soft or padded trays for situations when they cannot be removed from the wheelchair during transit.