Question C-22: What is the difference between RESNA WC19 and ISO 7176-19?  If I comply with the requirements of one of these standards, do I comply with the other one?

A wheelchair can comply with one or both standards. Although the test procedures are similar, there are some key differences in performance requirements and overall scopes of the standards. We have a table describing differences between WC19 and the 2008 and proposed 2019 versions. One primary difference is in the method for conducting the frontal impact test. WC19 specifies requires the use of a surrogate four-point strap-type tiedown to secure the wheelchair on the sled platform. By comparison, ISO 7176-19 requires that the wheelchair be secured by a four-point strap-type tiedown that complies with the frontal impact test of ISO 10542, which can be either a commercial tiedown or the surrogate tiedown.