The Rehabilitation Engineering Association of North America (RESNA) has a suite of standards contained in four volumes that establish ways to measure, define, and test wheelchairs and wheelchair components, including Volume 4 that currently is comprised of four sections:

  • Section 10 Wheelchair Containment and Occupant Retention Systems for use in LATV, Systems for Rear-Facing Passengers (WC10)
  • Section 18 Wheelchair Tiedowns and Occupant Restraint Systems (WC18)
  • Section 19 Wheelchair used as Seats in Motor Vehicles (WC19)
  • Section 20 Wheelchair Seating (WC20)

These standards are available for purchase under the RESNA American National Standards Order Form or by contacting RESNA:

RESNA, 1700 N. Moore St, Suite 1540, Arlington, VA 22201-1903
Phone: 703-524-6686 Fax: 703-524-6630 TTY: 703-524-6639

UMTRI Researchers Miriam Manary and Nichole Orton currently serve as the chair and secretary of the RESNA Standards Committee on Wheelchairs and Transportation (WHAT).