WC-19 Compliant Wheelchair Videos

If you use a wheelchair that complies with RESNA standard WC19, it means that your wheelchair is designed to withstand the forces of a crash. The requirements of WC19 are similar to ISO and Canadian standards. You can tell if you have a WC19 wheelchair because it will have four dedicated hooks for attaching 4-point tiedown systems. While you can use 4-point tiedowns with most wheelchairs, wheelchairs that aren’t WC19 compliant may not allow attachment at the correct height, be harder to use, fall apart in a crash, or block good routing of lap and shoulder belts. The videos below show the difference between using wheelchairs that don’t and do comply with WC19.

Crash of a Non-WC19 Compliant Manual Wheelchair

WC19 Compliant Manual Wheelchair

WC19 Compliant Power Wheelchair

WC19 Compliant Pediatric Stroller